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All schools want to create a great learning environment to deliver the best in learning experience, for both students and teachers. Choosing the right classroom technology and using it in the right way can improve learning outcomes, increase attainment, reduce absenteeism and develop collaborative learning skills.

But, financial constraints often prevent schools from adopting this innovative technology across all of its classrooms. Futurform Leasing is the perfect solution. You can have a conversation about what you want to achieve and the technology you need to do it. Putting the focus back on teaching rather than finances.


Futurform Leasing is a new approach which releases capital budgets so that schools can enhance learning environments to include collaboration and interactivity with the latest in education technology. Even existing capital commitments can be incorporated into our single operating lease, mandated by the Department for Education *.

Take out the cost of ownership

Instead of owning the technology, schools pay an agreed fee for their choice of technology, over a fixed period of time. For peace of mind, the equipment is fully warrantied and supported and it can be refreshed or removed or the lease can be extended.

Tailored payment options

Payment options are adapted to suit a school’s budget. With teachers’ and students’ needs constantly evolving flexibility is key; so, if a school needs additional hardware and/or software at any point, this is easily handled, with transparency in payment changes **.

Collaborative learning, always

With the same level of technology available in classrooms across a school, all students and teachers benefit from consistent and refreshed technology that complements all learning and teaching styles. Not least, it ensures collaboration underpins all lessons.

Flexible and up-to-date technology options

Schools can reap the rewards of the most up-to-date technology that is also aligned with their objectives and strategies. Choose from a range of interactive touch screens, interactive whiteboards, tablets, PC’s, digital signage, projectors, visualisers and other accessories, from preferred vendors.

Reassurance and support, every step of the way

It’s important to have peace of mind; assets on a Futurform Lease have insurance cover against fire, theft and accidental damage; asset management; invoice management; full certified data wiping; collection of redundant IT assets and WEEE compliant disposal/remarketing of disposal/ remarketing or redundant assets. Most other leasing providers will charge extra for these services.

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* Schools are allowed to utilise an operating lease but cannot enter into a finance lease or loan without approval from the EFA or DfE
**Please note that all agreements will require a minimum of 75% hardware



Futurform Leasing provide an operating lease that is 100% compliant with education legislation. Contracts are underwritten by Econocom; Econocom has extensive experience in the digital transformation of the education sector, and following a formal OJEU (Official Journal of the European Union) tender process for the Schools Leasing Framework, were awarded the contract to provide standard, pre-qualified, and fully compliant operating lease facilities for the finance of school ICT.

Over the last 5 years, Econocom has assisted over 500 schools and colleges to acquire suitable technology for their students and staff.


Ideal for pre-leasing

If you are at the start of a project, and don’t know the quantities you need, or if you need products at different points during the project, Futurform Leasing is ideal. Once you agree a time span, the technology you’ve asked for is delivered. At the end of the period, Futurform convert it all into the operating lease; so, you experience one lease, one regular payment, and no hassle.

Convert to an operating lease

It is possible to convert recent purchases to an operating lease, shifting spend from capital to operational budgets. This gives you control over cash flow and the flexibility for your budget to go further. The VAT impact of making this shift is closely monitored, and you can free up your budget for further investment whilst still enjoying the benefits of leasing.

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