HUB iPad



Everything you need to start your station including the mixer, jingles, on-site training and our outstanding support service for one year.

HUB iPAD School Radio Station from Anderton Tiger

You provide the PC and iPad

An exceptionally low-cost entry level solution

19″ 8U Rack-Mounted desktop furniture
Numark Dual CD & MP3 Player with two USB memory stick players with remote start
Allen & Heath 7 channel mixer with voice compressors and programme limiters
Behringer Media USB 40 Desktop Monitor Speakers (150watt)
Behringer B1 Studio Presenter Microphone
Orange Windshield
Rode PSA1 Studio Microphone Arm
Automatically illuminated mounted MIC LIVE sign
Beyerdynamic DT231 Presenter Headphones
iPad mount and audio connection
Audio Connection Cables
Delivery and On-Site Training for mainland UK
1 year parts and labour and unlimited email & telephone support

£2,995.00 plus VAT
Lease from £748 per annum – find out more

Our exclusive partnership with Anderton Tiger allows us to provide the full range of upgrades and options for your school radio station.


The HUB iPAD, what’s it all about?

We partner with Anderton Tiger to sell the World’s lowest cost turnkey radio station, but school’s asked for something even cheaper.  The HUB iPad from Anderton Tiger is the lowest cost setup we’ve been able to  put together for you and represents exceptional value.  You get a mixer, dual CD/MP3 USB key DJ deck, Microphone and Studio Arm, Headphones, Speakers and some very smart desktop furniture and a MIC LIVE sign too.  Audio quality is excellent.  You can connect the mixing desk to external speakers with a pair of XLR cables.  The mixing desk is easy to use, all of the channels have a simple press ON button that opens that fader and starts playback on the CD/MP3 player or turns on the MIC LIVE sign.  You can add more microphones for your studio and an ON AIR & MIC LIVE sign for outside the room.

Available with or without a PC

To keep costs to an absolute minimum and to allow you to use existing equipment that you own including an iPad or Tablet device, we do all the mixing on the fader-desk.  We even supply jingles on a memory stick that can be used in the Numark Dual Player Deck or copied to your iPad/Touch Device for touch control playback.  You will need to purchase Cart Player or Jingle Player Software from the App Store or Google Store if you don’t already own one.  There are plenty of FREE Apps too, so this doesn’t have to cost you anything extra!  If you don’t want to provide your own PC/iPad then consider The HUB PLUS as it comes with a rackmount PC and 22″ Touch-Screen monitor and Jingle Player Software.

How do I broadcast?

As you don’t need a powerful computer to drive broadcasting playout software with this solution, you can use a slightly older PC with a USB 2.0 interface to plug directly into the mixer.  You can download a free copy of ShoutCast or Windows Media Encoder and follow our instructions on how to broadcast across your network using an IP Audio Stream.  Listeners just have to be connected to your network or be on your Wi-Fi to listen to your live shows.  If you want you can push your broadcast to an Internet Radio Server and broadcast to the World!  You can even use Audacity, a free audio exiting programme on your laptop/desktop PC to record and edit your shows.   Alternatively, The HUB PLUS comes with everything included and configured ready to go.